Wax Beans 500g

  • Model No.: PWC003M

    For normal and sensitive skin – fine hair. Glyceryl Rosinate / Colophonium based formulation provides smooth application. The lower operating temperature and additional moisturizing

    ingredients make an ideal choice for those people who are heat sensitivity skin.
  • Model No.: PWC003M

    Hot Wax has thick consistency and it stiffens on the skin. It can be peeled off quickly to remove the hairs. It is ideal for those coarse, strong, long and deep grown hairs and great for the areas of lips, armpits, bikini line, eyebrows and delicate skin.


    Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for sensitive areas and coarse hair.  Rich in coconut oil, nourishing and moisturize, leaving skin flawless.

  • Model No.: PWC003M

    For normal skin type – fine / normal / coarse hair. Moisturizing and invigorating skin treatment. It gives both almost painless waxing sensation and exfoliating benefits.

  • Pink
  • Brazilian
  • Chocolate