• Q;What is the appropriate hair length that can be removed by waxing?
    A;The hair length has to 1/4 to 1/8 inch long for waxing removal
  • Q:Will waxing affect how my hair grows back?
    A:If you wax on a regular basis, hair will not grow back as quickly over time.
  • Q:When I wax the hair doesn’t come off?
    A:There are many factor causes this result. Maybe hair is too short or long, skin is not dry or clean enough, waxing in wrong direction.
  • Q:How to deal with ingrown hair?
    A:Ingrown hair can be prevented by regularly exfoliating the skin once a week after waxing, with the help of a loofah, pumice stone or other exfoliating agent applied gently on the body during a shower. It is also advisable to keep the skin moist to prevent ingrown hair.
  • Q:I got redness and bumps after waxing treatment?
    A:Most people experience some redness and bumps in the area, immediately after waxing. It usually subsides in a few hours, but might take longer in some people. This can be managed by applying ice or cold compresses over the area for 10-15 minutes after waxing. If the redness and irritation persists for longer, you should apply calamine lotion, tea tree oil lotion, or aloe-vera gel to the affected area, all of which have a soothing and healing effect.