Wax Beans 1 Ks

  • Model No.: PWC004M

    No waxing strips required.

    Perfect for sensitive skin. 
    With soothing chamomile extract and it gentle on skin.
    Less painful and efficient for hair removal.
  • Model No.: PWC004M

    For normal / Problem skin type – normal / coarse hair. A cream based pearlised wax which contains lavender oil which is the most commonly associated with burns and skin healing, with the additional benefit of a natural relaxing aroma.

  • Model No.: PWC004M

    No waxing strips required

    Efficient and easy to use
    Perfect for deep grown hairs from underarms and bikini, eyebrow and upper lips 
    Most effective if hairs are long enough between 1/4 – 3/4”
    Peel away wax from the skin once cool.
  • Azulene
  • Lavender
  • Brazilian